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For each of us there are times when life is overwhelmingly hard, when we can feel very alone and just getting up to face another day seems too much. These times can come with anxiety and fear, sadness and loss, anger and stress or simply a deep sense of emptiness. Finding a way through or coming to some peace about them can seem a hopeless challenge.

Perhaps some of these words feel like they apply to you.

It may be that a recent event has floored you; changes in your relationships, work, health or routine have swept you off course and you are reeling. Perhaps the pressures you are having to cope with are overwhelming and you are unsure you can deal with them anymore. Maybe you’re facing a difficult decision, a loss of direction or a sense of the ‘real you’. Or perhaps there is ‘flatness’ and life has lost its colour and joy, its purpose and meaning.

At these times dealing with the internal struggle alone or sharing it with people you know doesn’t always work and those troubling emotions persist. 

It is not a failure on your part to seek professional support and counselling may well provide just what you are looking for. It provides a safe, supportive and confidential space in which to explore your thoughts and feelings, make some sense of them and find a way to feel more whole again. 


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